Overview of Life Coaching

Life coaching is a professional practice designed to explore and initiate positive change. It brings a unique dynamic to the helping professions, differing in methodology from psychotherapy, medicine, and ministry. As a life coach, I'm the facilitator of the wisdom, desires, and resilience already contained within you. Though there will be inevitable challenges in your life, you will always be viewed as healthy, capable, and whole. 

Throughout the coaching relationship, you will be motivated through thoughtful questioning, insight practices, and action plans aimed at bringing forth your desired change. The primary objective is to set you up for sustainable and lasting improvement. Because we only work on what you want to work on, the goals we come up with are your goals, not something I am forcing upon you. Life coaching is an opportunity to explore every aspect of your life and create the goals you see fit. It's my job to help you look in the right places and stay true to your mission.

Coaching sessions are typically 50-minutes each, conducted over phone or Skype. For international clients, I ask that we meet over Skype (click here to create a free account). Folks in the United States and Canada may choose Skype or phone, depending on one's preference. Arrangements can be made to meet in person, especially if you live near my home in the Boulder County area of Colorado.

Individual and/or family consultations are offered for those wanting single sessions to troubleshoot a recovery dilemma, brainstorm a new project, or dig deep on a particular dynamic that has been blocking one's wellness. For life coaching, I recommend weekly sessions to start, but for lifestyle and/or financial reasons, some clients will meet biweekly, monthly, or even quarterly. There are also cases in which you may want to meet more than once per week. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as everyone is unique in their individual gifts and challenges. My focus is on customizing and tailoring coaching to meet your specific life and recovery goals.

Life Coaching in Recovery

People in recovery can benefit tremendously from life coaching. It's been my experience that maladaptive thoughts and behaviors are often driven by an overall disconnect to life. In the life coaching process, we are actively engaging with life in its totality, and we're discovering how to get connected in deeper and more meaningful ways than ever before. We will look at five distinct areas of wellness: mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. By discovering where you are right now in relation to where you hope to be in the future, we will use various strategies to help you live the life you want, including and beyond recovery. 

In my own recovery process, there have been basic challenges that I felt like the average life coach might not understand. There was the debilitating social anxiety, the concern over what others might think about my necessary lifestyle choices, and even the fear that if things got too good, I might lose it all. As a life coach, I don't diagnose or treat any disorder. What I do is hold the container for your experience while gently nudging you toward the courageous pursuit of a better overall existence. Recovery can be a challenging path, but it doesn't need to hold you back from the life you want to live.

Clinical Concerns

As previously mentioned, this is not a clinical service, meaning I do not diagnose or treat any illness or disorder. If you currently have a clinical diagnosis (as I do), I will use great sensitivity and care. I work in this field because I believe people in recovery deserve excellent coaching, separate from and in addition to various clinical treatments. While I feel very comfortable with clinical concerns, I will yield to the direction of your clinician or clinical team whenever necessary. Coaching is not meant to replace clinical services in any way. It is my experience that coaching and clinical services greatly enhance and complement each other. If you want clinical support, I can help you find those services. If you already have clinical support, I can help you advocate for yourself within those services and am available to communicate directly with your clinical team if you so desire.