Public Speaker for Mental Health and Spiritual Recovery

Chris Cole is available to speak at your next event, specializing in intersections of mental health and spirituality. He is endlessly creative in tailoring his talks to the requested duration and particular audience of the event. If you are interested in public speaking from an experienced and qualified mental health professional and advocate with lived experience, Chris is an exceptional option. As a young adult public speaker for mental health, he provides uncanny inspiration, creativity, wisdom, and humor, motivating people in recovery to view their challenges through the lens of transformation.

Chris’s lived experience with bipolar disorder and knowledge of mental health treatment as well as spirituality, spiritual emergence, and spiritual emergency allow him to speak to and address the great ambiguity between altered states of consciousness through both spiritual awakening and mental illness. His education in humanistic and transpersonal psychology provides a framework for his understanding. As a podcast host, published author, and seasoned mental health professional, Chris is able to reach a wide range of audiences, touching their hearts while asking them to reconsider how they think about mental illness and recovery.

Sample Video

In this talk at Naropa University, Chris Cole tells his story of what he thought was a spiritual awakening, only to be diagnosed with acute manic psychosis. He explains that after struggling for years amid an affinity for spiritual material and an aversion to psychopathology, he now finds refuge in love, which holds space for it all.